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High School Friedrich II. Lorch
Auf dem Schäfersfeld 4

D - 73547 Lorch

Telefon: +49 7172 186100

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Welcome to High School Friedrich II. Lorch, Germany

High School Friedrich II. is a co-educational secondary school that includes grades 5 through 12 and leads to the Abitur, the German diploma certificate for high schools, and prepares students for university study or for responsible positions in the workforce and society.

This year our school has 560 students taught by 51 teachers in 24 classes. The school building, designed by architect Guenther Behnisch and his staff, is rightfully recognized as an architectural landmark.

Lorch (Ostalbkreis) is a town of about 11,000 inhabitants situated at the foot of the Swabian Alb 40 kilometres east of Stuttgart, the capital of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, in Southwestern Germany. Most of the town’s residents work in the local industries, in commerce or in trade. Although the number of people working in agriculture has decreased in the last decades, Lorch is still a rural community.

Lorch was founded in the 12th century by members of the imperial house of the Staufer. The monastery, located on a hill to the north of the city, still offers evidence of that era, as does the name of the school itself. 

Course of Study

The subjects offered at Gymnasium Friedrich II. cover a broad variety of competences in the fields of languages, literature, arts, social studies, mathematics, economy, and sciences.

The school's main goal is to provide an inspiring learning environment that encourages students to acquire a general knowledge in core subjects and fosters students' methodological, social, and personal competences.

The teaching focus in class and in all other school activities is on developing and strengthening these competences.

Besides teaching on a high level, the school has set priorities on specific fields: these are an excellent education for students in sciences and technology, a highly developed concept in economy, which is supported ideally and financially by several local businesses, and a variety of international relationships for students of all ages, like international exchange programs, Comenius-projects, or visits to European capitals.

Subjects taught at High School Friedrich II.

Astronomy, Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economy, German, English, Ethics, French, Geography, History, Latin, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Physics, Physical Education, Religious Education, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Spanish.

Clubs and Activities

The school offers a wide range of clubs and activities. They supplement the compulsory subjects and provide additional insight into e.g. political and economic matters, broaden the students' knowledge of Maths, sciences, foreign languages or cultural topics. We also offer extracurricular activities in sports and music.

Participation is not mandatory. Club meetings take place after school and include:

Arts; Band; Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English; Choir; Comenius;

Computer-Science; Debating Club; Drama Group; Economy; First Aid;

Golf; GPS; Keying in for beginners; Orchestra; Percussion;

School magazine; School Website; Technology; Volleyball; Play and Talk in English

For more information please have a look at the school website.

School trips

Our school trips as part of our extracurricular activities are based on the education of the whole person fostering on the students' intellectual, spiritual, social, personal, artistic, physical, and vocational development.

School trips are:

  • subject-oriented excursions
  • visits to the theatre, concerts and museums
  • school field trip in Year 6
  • visits to near-by firms
  • participation in sports competitions
  • a week in Taizé for prayer and song
  • school trips to Berlin in Year 11

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